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Tom Wiensch visited me today.

Tom and I go way back, to middle school. And High School. We were part of a large group of guys that hung out with some common people. Steve Nashold was the hub we worked off of and I saw Tom a few times back in the day at Steve's house and of course in school. We reconnected for the first time in over 40 years earlier this year at Nashold's annual barn party. Well, Tom was kind enough to come down from his home in Rhinelander and visit with me today. We talked about books and I was delighted to share some great books I had two copies of (that is a long story in of itself I won't get into tonight) so I gave Tom three great books. I am envious of him because he gets to discover how great they are. The Door into Summer, Starship Troopers and The Moon is Harsh Mistress I believe. All by Robert Heinlein, a great author. Then we just caught up on the past forty years. We both had radical prostatectomy's that weren't successful. And we both had photon beam radiation as our last chance cure. It worked for me, Tom is too close, he just finished up on his treatment but I think he will be fine. It is amazing the progress they are making with Prostate Cancer. So we had a nice visit but like all visitors these days it plum wore me out. I have no stamina these days.

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