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The Pagel's come for dinner.

Best Picture I have of Jim and Susan from about 12 years ago at my house in Glendale, CA when they came for a visit.

Here was the menu I prepared for them with pictures.

  1. 15 Year Old Hooks aged Cheddar

  2. First bottle of 12 year old French Wine.

  3. Blue Point Oysters on the half shell.

  4. Foie Gras.

  5. Second Bottle of 12 year old French Wine

  6. King Crab Legs

  7. Lobster Tail

  8. Third bottle of 15 year old French Wine.

  9. Rack of Lamb.

I feel safe in saying no one went home hungry!

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10 juli 2021

Very nice, I might have to steal that menu for future dinner parties.🤣

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