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Test day is tomorrow!

And this is a big one for me. This is a comprehensive cycle of testing that takes five hours and access every muscle in my body. When they base line to my prior test three and half months ago, we will have a very good idea if I am on the short exit 80% chance, or the long exit 20% chance. But I feel like I am due a win by now. The chances of me getting ALS was .005% or Five thousands of a percent. And the odds of it being Bulbar Onset ALS was a staggering .0005% or Five ten thousands of a percent. I think 20% is doable for me. And I still have full mobility, speech of some kind and I can still eat anything. So I am hopeful. And I know I have told many of you about my ability to find the good side of anything. Well, I am telling you right now my string will run out if I don't get the good results tomorrow. I don't think I can find anything good about dying faster. So, stay tuned, will put something up by end of day tomorrow about how the test goes.


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26 mag 2020

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, please keep us updated!

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