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Test day for cycle trip to Maryland!

And it was a nice day for ride. So Jim Sniff and I took off at 1 pm today and hit several small towns in Southern Wisconsin (New Glarus, Blanchardville and Argyle) but our destination was Lake Yellowstone State Park. Here is a link to a promo video for the park. And here are a few pics from the park.

Russ Newton

Jim Sniff


Other side of the spillway.

Bluffs that ring the lake.

Lake Yellowstone and fishing.

An uninvited guest was the low light of the day. I somehow sucked a bumble bee, hornet, wasp or yellow jacket into my jacket and was riding along peacefully when all of a sudden it felt like a pin was in my back. That happened four more times, so I pulled over and took my jacket off and shook it out. Got back on and got the same needle stick feeling three or four more times so stopped again, repeated the process and had Jim look at my back. He confirmed I had been stung 8 times. Ouch! But the good news for the day is I rode over 90 miles on a less comfortable bike than I will be taking to Maryland next week and i had no issues riding. So that is a comforting fact to have right now. My ALS feels like it is starting to move a little faster. I have more difficulty speaking and my legs are tingling when I drive (in a car) any distance at all over 20 miles. Still feel I have good coordination and muscle strength, but was getting a little worried. Will get a good sense of where I am at next week on the 27th when I get a full assessment from my Doctors in San Antonio.


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