• Russ Newton

Sunday with the Millers

Spent Sunday afternoon at Matt's middle sons home, Jacob. The boys were playing balls in the front years after church and we drover over in Matt's boat and watched for awhile. Then in the house to watch the Washington Football team and switch over to the US Open. As you can see, the excitement got to Matt senior, pictured here with his eldest son, Matt.

Here is Jacob relaxing and watching the game.

And last but not least, Jackson (AKA Elias)

And one other note of interest (at least to me) I have been feeling much better health wise the past week. I am speaking better and lacking a better word for it, stronger. I am eager to get to my next full assessment to discover if this is my imagination or for real. But I was able to eat my first meal in a month and actually enjoyed it and didn't have to worry about chocking or gagging. So all in all, if may just be my imagination or maybe I am taking a break from the inevitable decline that is ALS.


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