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I put two other post"s up before the Lee one, not sure what is going on but this web site is not working right for me. now. So here goes the first post again. On Tuesday last week after seeing Leticia I was supposed to visit with Billy Roundtree a supervisor for me while I was a t the LA Times. He retired two years ago at 60. I went to his home in Whittier and met him and his lovely wife Melinda. I had a great half hour conversation with Bill but then things stared to go sideways. Bill in the middle of speaking suddenly started to speak nonsense and then went into what appeared to my untrained eyes a seizure of some sort. His wife called 911 and started to administer chest compression's on the advice of the 911 Operators. When Billy started to come around she had us turn him on his side to ease his breaking Billy was out of it and started to fight back a bit. The paramedics showed up then and took over. I am happy to report that Billy tested clear of a stoke or heart attack. Still undergoing testing but looks like he will be okay. I did get a good half hour will Billy and am praying for his quick recovery.

Billy being loaded into ambulance.

Billy being secured for transport. Sorry Billy, only pictures I have of you!

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