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Second trip to the Keys

A dear old friend, Matt Miller invited me to join him and his family for a few days in the Keys. I met Matt in 1982, when I was a new press trainee at the Army Times in Springfield, VA. He was Journeyman pressman who always ran the folder. I ended up renting the basement of his home in Waldorf, MD for a year with him, his wife Pamela and their newborn son Matthew. Shortly before or just after I moved in, Pamela was injured badly in a car accident. So I was given the blessed opportunity to help out with their newborn son while she recovered. Anyways, years latter I reconnected with Matt and Pamela over the phone. Sadly, Pam passed away after a valiant struggle with cancer April 13th, 2019. Matt was kind enough to come out to my home in San Antonio for a few days earlier this year, and invited me to visit with his extended family in the Keys, that is why I have been quiet on the blog lately. I plan on motorcycling out to Matt's house in May.

Below is picture of Matt and I scouting out the location for his kids for a band that was playing later that night.

Here are his three sons, sorry for the low quality but it was raining and dark!

This is a picture of Bobby, Matt's brother in law. We met back in the early eighties, but it had been almost forty years since we have seen each other.

A male Iguana and his harem next door to the house we were staying at.

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