• Russ Newton

Second day of trip, in Terlingua outside of Big Bend Park.

Jim and I at the Chiso's Basin Window. This is the first day at the park.

When we left the Basin, the next four photos are of our trip down the side of the mountain, through the clouds from the top. It was truly surreal.

Having issues with Gmail and not being able to upload anymore pictures right now, going to take a break from this and try to finish this post later. Okay, now I can get the pictures uploaded and here is our next stop. Santa Elena Canyon. The picture below is Jim and Jackson walking toward the path that will take them up the mountain? Hill? in front of them.

They are up there, but hard to make out because of distance. This is a shot of the Rio Grande coming through the cut in the cliffs.

And last shot down the side of the mountain taken to the left of where the other pictures were taken.

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