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Saturday at Moto Cross Races

Matt's oldest son, Matt, races motorcycles to we got up early this morning and headed for a small town in West Virginia called Hedgesville where I heard banjo music and saw several Confederate flags. They have a motocross track deep in the woods were the banjo music got louder. We got there late due to accident on the freeway, but we did catch the last three races Matt was in. Matt had a fair day, and his friend who used to be highly rated but had not raced in 13 years won both of his races which was impressive.

Not a great shot, but that is Matt, the third one from the left in the background. This was on the start of the race and he came out of the first turn in fifth place out of 30 riders. So it was good start up.

We were at the races all day and I am in the middle of infusion treatment, but because I have been trained how to do it, I just took the works along with it and did it between racies

(IV is on the pole, not the big yellow jug of racing fuel behind me)

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