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San Diego

Made to San Diego today and connect with a good friend and my broker Thomas Krumenacker. He took us out to a new place to me, I am pretty sure it wasn't there when i worked in San Diego. But it was a wonderful place named the Brigantine, the same name as my favorite restaurant bar in Point Loma where I lived. We had a great time catching up and talking smack. Tom bought me a plate of oysters at my request. I was not ready to give up on eating by mouth but I should have as the first and only one I tried to consume went down my throat but then I locked up and couldn't breath and my gag reflex activated and ejected the oyster into a napkin. So now I am convinced, my days of eating both mouth are over. Oh well, just one more thing ALS has taken from me. First Speech and now eating. What is next? I am in no hurry to find out that is for sure.

Tom, Jim and Russ at another beautiful sunset in my favorite city, San Diego.

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