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Rough time last night.

Well I had a good day until the end of it. About 11:30am I was getting ready to go to bed and I had to cough. I coughed. Then that triggered a violent bout of coughing which led to difficulty breathing. I could get a little air in on every whoop I was making to suck in air. But it was uncomfortable. It lasted for five minutes before I settled down to breathing normally for me. Then a minute later I start coughing again and again difficulty breathing. This last about three minutes before it stopped. I got up out of bed and sat in chair and just focused on my breathing. After a couple of minutes, yep, it happened again this time for five minutes. Then I settled down and was able to sleep. I suspect that this is irritation from excess salvia so I messaged my doctor again today to set up the botox Treatment sooner, not later.

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