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Quarantine in place, bah, humbug!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

After ten days at home, I am officially tired of it! At least, right now I am. Yesterday I was so stir crazy I took the car and went on a lengthy drive around San Antonio to see what was opened and what was closed. Amazingly to me, almost everything was open. Only sign I saw of a hunker down and hide change was McDonald's was only serving drive up or take out, no dining in. But Target, Kmart, Great Clips, you name it, was open and doing a healthy business. I went down the main drag in downtown SA, Houston street and saw the Palm was closed for dine in and was serving take out only, but next door, Bohanans was open and serving people in the restaurant. I drove by the closest Craft Brewery, Künstler Brewing and they seemed to open with several people sitting outside.

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1 Comment

Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Mar 20, 2020

Shave your head like I did. The bi-colored, freshly shaved melon makes you look mighty suspect?!? Then you can get out of your car and enter businesses and walk the streets with people steering waaaaay clear of you. I know this first-hand. Its great.

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