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Old friends

Bob Brouillard use to be the Maintenance Manager for me when I was Packaging Manager at the Orlando Sentinel. I had most of my philosophy as a manager worked out by then though it still was a work in progress. I thin between Orlando and my next job in Ashland, Ohio is where I put the finishing touches on my style. But the visit by Bob was great to see. He flew up here to see me in Wisconsin from Orlando area where he still lives with his wife and daughter. It has been great to have him and I am so thankful to Bob for coming up to see me.

This is Bob at a local Brew pub we stopped at yesterday.

This is Bob and I at the famous (or is that the infamous) Pitchers pub. I spent many nights here from 18 to 21. Pool tables, dart boards and Foosball Tables where I defeated Bob 6-2!

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Dre Thomas
Dre Thomas
Jun 07, 2021


I met Russ in the early 90's at the Orlando Sentinel when he was the Packaging Manager and I was a young up coming Packaging Crew Chief. We was teammates on the Orlando Sentinel basketball team and Russ was our 3 point shooter back then. Russ loves basketball. I use to take Russ to the park in Orlando across the street from the Citrus Bowl to play basketball where all the top talent goes to play and Russ held his own.

I learned a lot from Russ and created my management style from what I learned from watching and working with Russ. Russ is a man that gives opportunities to people who

wants more for themselves. I left Orlando…

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