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Not much going on....

to blog about at least. On the calendar for this month, a trip back to San Antonio to get the assessment that will give me a good idea of how long I have. I already have an idea which one it will be but I won't spoil the ending just yet, will wait for the test.

I fly back on 5/26, do the assessment on 5/27 then hop on my motorcycle and head to Maryland to visit my old friend, Matt Miller in his home there. I have been checking out hotels on the way, and man, the rates are low, it is like there is a health scare out there or something! Anyways, i think I can ride safe, on a cycle, wearing a helmet, riding down the road. Can't get any more socially distant then that, i think. And gas is easy, I have gloves so I can be safe there. As far as bathrooms go, there is the great outdoors for most needs. I think I can cover the needs that can't, in the hotel. They are practicing safe check in with touch-less check in. That leaves meals and I can do drive through or delivery. So i think I am all set to travel safely.


Russ and Matt in the Florida Keys just before Covid 19 hit.

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