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My visit to the Bay Area.

This is the BAPS Team. Rob, Andre, Russ and Rocky. Andre was my successor when ALS forced my early retirement. Rob worked with me at the Orlando Sentinel then I hired him 19 years later to be Maintenance manager at the San Antonio Express News. He is now the Pressroom Manager at BAPS. Andre brought him out after Trans Con pulled our Pressroom Manager Fred Harwood and Benoit Carpentier after we attempted to strong arm them unsuccessfully. And Rocky was there when we took over from Trans Con and he has done well and is now a manager for Andre. Good team.

This is Philip Byrant, the former owner of the Transportation company that hauled all of the Los Angeles Times for me when I worked in LA. He is more than a contractor, he is very good friend.

And on my visit to the main office of the Chronical I got a chance to say good bye to Joe and Fi. The run a little food place inside the Chronicle that makes amazing sandwich's which I ate at many times when I was down there. and could still eat. Great people too.

And this was my boss at the Chronicle President and Publisher of the Chronicle Bill Nagel. A great boss too and the second time we worked together. He was my boss for a few years in Los Angeles back in 2011 I think? But he was great there too. When Jeff Johnson told me he was taking over for him I couldn't have been happier!

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