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The People You Meet in a Parking Lot

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Funny the people you meet on the road. Mark and I were taking a break yesterday in grocery store parking lot and while we were talking, the gentleman in the photo came up to us and started talking about cars. I somewhat proudly informed him that the M850 has 560 hp. He then informed me his car was 650 hp! Ego deflated instantly! We had a nice conversation about cars and discovered he served in the coast guard for over twenty years as a rescue pilot, then a corporate jet pilot for GM until the bankruptcy and last a consultant for the State of Georgia air patrol for speeders. He retired a few year back and now takes his car to a track and runs it at full speed. He tried hard to convince me to do the same with my car but that just doesn't float my boat. 

That day we ended up in Saint Pete's beach and spend the night a Howard Johnson's on the water. I had a nice sushi dinner with my brother in law, sister in law and niece. Mark went to Whole foods, did laundry and drove around St. Pete. Today we ended in Marko Island, Florida at the Hilton. We are bringing down the average income of every other guest in this hotel, we don't belong here but we are going to make ourselves at home. More to come tomorrow. Until then, we're treating ourselves a bit...

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