• Russ Newton

Last night in Seal Beach.

Lee Carey, Jim Pagel and Russ Newton on the beach. We stopped at Lee's place last night and we had a blast. First we sat on the deck on the top of his house and had a drink. Then we walked down to a new spot, Golden Brewery. Which I think I have been to the one in Los Angeles. But we had a great time at this one. I had a couple of double IPA's. They go down easier than a single as they are much smoother. Lee's wife joined us, Dee. We had a little political talk and couldn't come to an agreement but that was okay. I have enough conservative friends I am used to not coming to agreement. If we can't talk without losing our cool, then they weren't real friends to begin with, right? And we are real friends so we can agree to disagree and enjoy the beer! And we did. Good times!

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