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I have Arrived!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Made it to the Wisconsin house after two days on the road. And just like the last time I drove from San Antonio to Wisconsin, I got a flat tire just North of Austin! At least this time it didn't crack the rim but did cost me $742 dollars to replace. ($400 for the tire and the rest for four wheel balancing). Good thing I have ALS, don't care that much about what stuff costs anymore. So that delayed me 3.5 hours. And the tow to the dealer was covered under the BMW new care warranty so small things make me happy. Instead of arriving a Cousin Julies at 4:00 PM, I arrived at 8:00 PM. But it was all good, Had a great Lasagna dinner that Julie prepared. And good conversation with both Richard and Julie. I had my first night of solid sleep at Julies, and that has continued since I arrived in Wisconsin. The last night in San Antonio I only slept for three hours, I came very close to ditching it and taking off at 2:00 AM which would have been a mistake. But I feel asleep around 2:00 AM and woke up naturally at 5:10 AM just before the alarm was set to go off. But now I have had three solid nights of sleep and feel like a million bucks! So, to get to my trip, I left Julies house about 10:00 AM and had no other adventures on the way and landed in Wisconsin at 8 PM.


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