• Russ Newton

Good news!*

Good news first. Looking like I am on the long exit from this life and not the short one. But like all good news medically, there is one *catch to my good news today. First the good news. I tested even or better on every test I took today compare to four months ago! So that means the medicines are working and I am responding well to them. The things I was worried about (tired legs, worse speach) prooved not to be indicators of an advancing of ALS. So the one I am happist about is the test were the measure my upper body strength. I did a 91 on the first test four months ago. Today I did a 101! They said I could be less tired today but after I pushed them on that, they admitted it was a good sign. *Now for the catch. I wasn't able to do the breath test today because of Covid 19. Next time I come back in October I have to come in on a Monday and take a Covid 19 test. If I pass that, then I can do the breath test two days later.

So one more cycle to go before I am 100% sure but I am pretty damm happy right now!


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Russ, you are to be commended and are truly an inspiration in every sense of the word. I have never known anyone else who has tried so hard and so successfully to make the best of an absolutely mis