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Good news!*

Good news first. Looking like I am on the long exit from this life and not the short one. But like all good news medically, there is one *catch to my good news today. First the good news. I tested even or better on every test I took today compare to four months ago! So that means the medicines are working and I am responding well to them. The things I was worried about (tired legs, worse speach) prooved not to be indicators of an advancing of ALS. So the one I am happist about is the test were the measure my upper body strength. I did a 91 on the first test four months ago. Today I did a 101! They said I could be less tired today but after I pushed them on that, they admitted it was a good sign. *Now for the catch. I wasn't able to do the breath test today because of Covid 19. Next time I come back in October I have to come in on a Monday and take a Covid 19 test. If I pass that, then I can do the breath test two days later.

So one more cycle to go before I am 100% sure but I am pretty damm happy right now!


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Day 3.

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May 30, 2020

So happy to hear! Enjoy your trip and look forward to your post along the way!♥️


May 29, 2020

such great news Russ! Enjoy your trip -


May 28, 2020

Great news!

Keep livin' large Russ. For every one of us, each day can be a blessing should we choose it to be.

The greatest skill one can acquire is knowing how to live the moment. Too many spend time regretting the past or fearing the future. "Now" is all that we can truly appreciate.

Our July trip abroad had to be cancelled but we're still booked for Chicago/ Great Lakes area this October. If that trip holds, I hope to connect and reminisce over lunch or a couple beers.


May 27, 2020

Glad to hear the good news!!

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