• Russ Newton

Good Friends and a Good Meal

Jeff & Melissa Johnson came to San Antonio just to take me out to dinner. What a nice gift for me to receive. And they included me in the conversation which is hard for many people to do considering I can't speak but they gave me space to type out my responses and I felt seen not something I always feel. Anyways, I had a great meal at Bohanan's Prime Steaks and Seafood. I had A 5 Wagu filet and Fois Gras along with a side of Lobster creamed corn. Delicious! But it was the company that made it special. I first met Jeff back in 1985, I wrote about that meeting elsewhere on this blog. And we have worked together in Chicago, Orlando, Ashland, Ohio, Los Angeles and San Francisco. But I have known both of them since that year, over 37 years. And I was lucky enough to host all three of their sons at my home in Glendale, CA at one time or another. Good memories. Good people.

Melissa and I.

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