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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

So lucky to have them! I have been amazed at the number of friends who have reached out to me in the past ten days and choose to recognize them here publicly. In reverse order.

April 10th. Gene Bell (Illinois) Julie Barth (Kansas) Nichole Geary (Sun Prairie)

April 9th. Nina Pang (Boston), Kevin Garris (Nor Cal), Jim Pagel (Wisconsin) and Zack Johnson (Illinois)

April 8th. Chris Avetisian (So Cal) Stefan Gustafsson (Sweden)

April 6th. Lee Carey (So Cal) Peter Garcia (San Antonio) Sue Newton (Wisconsin)

April 5th. Juan Gonzales (So Cal)

April 4th. Rob Kyle (Cleveland)

April 3rd. Sarp Uzkan (Chicago) Art Jenkins (San Antonio)

April 2nd Julie Barth (Kansas) Phillip Brandt (Fresno) Jim Lefko (San Antonio)

April 1st. Jim Pagel, Sue Newton

March 30th. Chris Avetisian, Greg Malcolm (Houston)

March 29th. Rob Kinard (Nor Cal) Jeff Johnson (Utah)

It is like they are all sharing a schedule and taking turns calling me. I hope that isn't the case but hey, will take it like a man if it turns out it

is organized that way!

Speaking of a good friend to me, here are a couple more pictures of Oly. Gone before her time but not forgotten.

Oly as a young pup. 2010

Oly as an adult. 2014 Replacing damaged wood floor. She she turned out better looking than any of us thought She would based on her appearance as a pup!


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