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Friday, Maryland opens Restaurants at 5pm!

Maryland's reopening started at 5pm Friday night. Matt and I were understanably ready to go out to eat so we went to the Sea-breeze Restaurant, the oldest resturant in Saint Mary's county. We had a little bit of confusion with the young ladies checking patrons in. I asked for a table, I asked if we could put our names on a wait list, she asked what was that? I said, can I give you a phone number and you call me when a table is free? She said, sure and took my number down. I asked how many were in front of us, she said no one, we were up next. We then sat on the side an watched the music act for about 15 minutes. Matt noticed someone sitting down to a table. So we went to the young ladies and asked what it was looking like. She again said we would have the next table up. Then after ten minutes, a table cleared and no one called. So we went up and said we were ready. That was they informed us that reservations go first. We said you told us we were next. She repeated reservations come first. So i asked if we could make a reservation. It was down hill from there. Eventually, we got seated and had a very good meal of Blue Crabs, Shrimp and Oysters.

View from the table at the Sea-Breeze

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