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Figured out how to stop breathing issues!

I know now how to stop the episodes of not breathing! It happened four times and this is what I figured out. I have had four incidents and this is what they all have in common. I don't know why it happens but something irritates my throat and causes me to stop breathing for about a minute. First time it was a blueberry smoothie. The second and third time it was taking medication and it got stuck in my throat. The fourth time I was eating a Frito and didn't chew on up all the way and when I swallowed it caused me to stop breathing. So here is how I will avoid that. 1. No blueberry smoothies, 2 I will grind up all pills and take via my stomach tube. 3. Don't eat hard crispy food items. Simple really. I sent basically this message to my ALS doctors so they can hopefully tell me why this is happening. But I know how to stop it from happening so that is a win for me.

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