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Family Reunion over.

At least for me. Annette and I went up today and spent the full day there not coming home until after 9pm we were having such a good time. The reunion ends early tomorrow and many headed out tonight. The rest are clearing out tomorrow and we will ( or I should say) they will have the next reunion in three years and get back on schedule. I don't believe I will make it as I will be dead, but who knows?

The photo on the front of the page is of three of the four daughters of Bill and Jane Cruckson. Sally Bishop is on the left in the lovely purple rain coat. Julie Barth is on the right in the stunning red shirt . Sindy is on the right in the beautiful yellow. Jackie was not there but I do have a picture of her later in the post.

And there is Jackie in the striking Red shirt in the center. Surrounded by children from her sisters. (And Sindy on her left. Nice smile!

And here is their mother Jane Cruckson. In this picture her eyes are wide open (Jane sorry about the prior post with your eyes shut!) and she is smiling! And that is one of Julies daughters next to her.

And this is a bonus picture of Sindy and Julie walking over to the Auction. (Note the card with number 27 on it in Sindy's hand)

I tried to be strategic about how I bid in the auction. I don't care about money so it would have been easy to out bid most of the participants, but I held back. I picked up a couple of nice pictures done by relatives. I also purchased a set of beer glasses with the family crest on it, nice! And a box of 3M products I haven't opened yet! Oh, and a lovely black and white stripped yard flamingo.

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Jun 28, 2021

Dear Russ and Annette, I had a great time with you both at the reunion. Wasn't it wonderful to see all our relatives together. I had lots of special visits and lots of people to thank for such a great turn out. And Thank You Russ for the Earrings. To see you together is so wonderful, and I hope we will all see each other again. You know Aunt Jane loves you both, so much. Be in touch with me! 😍 Aunt Jane

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