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Family reunion

Our extended clan attempts to get together every four year since 1989. We missed our goal of having one in 2020 due to the Covid 19 outbreak which brought the entire world to a pause. A brief time out. A suspension. So we kicked it out to 2021 and today was the first day of the reunion of the Emerson and Rueben Cruckson clan. My sister Annette and I from the Emerson line went up to the reunion today in Bass Lake Campground in Lyndon Station, WI. I had a good time today catching up with extended family. I spoke with Helen and her Husband, Larry Cruckson, a relative I met in while I lived in LA. And handful of others whose names are escaping me right now. But Good Times!

Aunt Jane who is married to Bill Cruckson, my mothers youngest brother who passed away three years ago today. And my sister Annette up from Phoenix for the gathering.

Dale Stambaugh is married to Jackie Cruckson the eldest daughter of Bill and Jane Cruckson. I like him a lot, he was drinking a beer at 1pm today, the sign of a good man!

In the foreground is Julie Barth, Bill and Janes second oldest daughter married to Richard Barth. And Jane is in the back ground.

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