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Duty Calls. Update.

Updated: May 5, 2020

So, I made it the cemetery, with no issues. I parked and went to the grave site. I figured out where to place him, but when I returned to the car to get my shovel, I noticed there was the guy in charge of the cemetery cutting the grass. I returned to the grave and then noticed there was no date of death on my fathers gravestone. So I punted and returned home. Now I am googling for a company that can etch his date of death on his gravestone and will go up there again and attempt to bury his ashes. Sigh, nothing is simple.

My father died 2/23/2018 and his wishes where for his ashes to be interred next to his wife. Today I am going to drive with my fathers ashes up to my mothers grave site and hopefully bury him next to her. My Uncle Bill put my mother in the ground but he was a well know local and had more slack than I will. But he passed away 6/25/2018 so I won't have his cover. But, if I get arrested, that will be a great story later on!

Here is a picture of my Uncle Bill and Aunt Jane on a visit to their home outside of Kingston,. WI.


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