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Drooling Solution?

Note, I was told I should hear something in a week. I messaged back that was not acceptable to me, I was having significant issues with this issue and would very much appreciate it if they could move fast on this.

The drooling is out of control. I am sticking a rag in my mouth every three minutes to dry it out. I have been banging on my doctor and he came through with a new treatment. Botox shots into my salivary glands. Looks like at least three shots, could be more. But I am desperate to stop this so I will try it. Hard to believe this is a real problem for me but it is. Hard to fall asleep, the bed is soaked by my head in the AM. And I wake up every night coughing though I am grateful that it hasn't triggered the no breathing thing since the last time it happened. But it is interrupting my sleep and that has to stop. When I am sleeping I don't have ALS in my dreams. And I can talk. So as you might imagine I enjoy that more than I can express in words.

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Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Nov 20, 2021
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