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Day four and arrival

Busy day yesterday. Started in Roanoke, Va, 250 miles from my goal. I told Matt I would arrive at 3pm which gave me two hours of extra time where I was going to stop for breakfast and read a newspaper. Well, that didn't happen. Virginia has the practice of indicating a restaurant is off an exit but when you go down to the stop sign, there is another sign indicating it is 6 or 8 miles further. I fell for that three times and didn't want to go out of my way. So i kept going. Well i ended up not stopping for breakfast and got to Matt's house at 1pm. Matt has one of his grandchildren with him and he kept us both busy. Lots of questions. And that was a little hard on me as I get tired of speaking quickly. But all in all it was a good day. Here is a picture of Matt's pet pig, Frankie the beer drinking pig.

Frankie with beer foam on his lips.

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2020년 6월 04일

Like the pig. Like the fact it drinks beer even better! Now... Can it cook?

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