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It should be no surprise that I find myself craving food almost 100% of the time. The worst is when I am watching TV. 2/3s of all commercials are for food. So a couple of days ago I started fantasied about eating beef. I obsessed over it if I am going to be honest Then an idea struck me. If I could make it fall of the bone tender I might be able to put it through a blender and inject that into my stomach. So I read up on it and figured out how to cook a piece of chuck roast so it was tender enough to try my plan. So I went out to the grocery

store and purchased this "affordable" cut of meat. $22 for a chuck roast. Seems a little high for affordable. But then money doesn't matter much to me anymore . So then I purchased some Yukon Potatoes, and sweet onion. Came home and put in all in the refrigerator last night. Then this morning I got up at 7am and went downstairs and took the meat out to let in warm up for two hours. Then I salted and peppered the beef and seared it on all sides on the stove top. Then I put the bone broth into a slow cooker, along with onions, potatoes and the beef and set on low heat and walked away for eight hours.

The cover photo is the result. And it is definitely cooked enough to pull apart with a fork. So I took a decent chunk of it and dropped it with potatoes and onions and healthy dollop of bone broth into the blender. Blended it on high until it was a liquid.

I know it looks a little messy. But it worked! I was able to inject it into my stomach. Now I started to think about this right after I put the first syringe in. It was pretty hot. I started to wonder if it was hot enough to burn the inside of my stomach. Then I though, well too late for the first syringe full, no point in worrying about it. So I made sure the next two loads were cooled down to warm before injecting it.

And there is the glass I used. Now I did have a couple of small issues. Two times a big enough chunk of something went through and stuck at the narrow end you can see in the photo above. The white little piece on the end of the tube touching the bottom of the glass. Everything that passes through the tube has to be smaller that that yellow tip on the head of the tube.

So I walked over to the sink and cleared out the tube and then tried injecting water. My theory is that the plug happened on the outside of my body in the end of the tube. So I flushed the tube with water and got back to it. I then flushed the tube with water after each syringe of beef and it worked fine. Now I couldn't taste it but it still counts as a victory for me! And I will say it does feels different to me to have beef and potato in my stomach then Jevity formula. I call this a victory.

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