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A visit to Matthews Grandfather, 93 years old and still going strong!

So Matt and I drove over to Don Gehrmann's house yesterday for a quick visit. Don was a famous mile runner back in the 40's and 50's, if you google his name you will get a good account of his career. He won 53 consecutive mile races in the NCAA Track Division on, an incredible accomplishment. His only issue now is his short term memory doesn't work very well but other that that he is living on his own at 93 so he is in pretty good shape. He will most likely outlive me!

Matt and his Maternal Grandfather, Don Gehrmann.

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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
12 may 2021

Hey there are three men there! All handsome devils!

Me gusta

12 may 2021

There’s a couple of good looking men!❤️

Me gusta
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