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A story about a Wasp attack.

This story is from Jim Pagel as told to me. If Matt Miller objects to the story, he is free to put his version of it up, just email it to me Matt and I will post it. But then you don't read my blog so how are you going to know to do that?

So here is the story, I was not there. So Jim and Matt were trying to get his jet ski down from its perch high out of the water on Matts pier. And I guess it hadn't been taken down in about a year so there were some sticking parts to contend with. So Matt was on the Jet Ski trying to get it to go down and was banging on the box that held the gears that lifted and lowered the Jet Ski down. So Matt then tried to lift the cover off and that is a few/A cloud of Wasps came out which then as they were both running away from the cloud of wasps Matt pushed Jim closer to the wasps and putting Jim between Matt and the Wasps. And Jim was stung on the top of his head. And it was quite painful, but as painful as the betrayal by Matt. According to Jim that is.

So, ball is in your court Matt.

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