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A rare visitor.

Jim Creeron stopped yesterday and we had a nice chat. I knew Jim from Frank Allis Elementary school where we first met. We hung out a bit back in the day but then I moved away at 21 and didn't see Jim for a long time. This is going to start off in a different direction but trust me, it will all connect in before I am done. My father Bob Newton was a model train collector. And not a casual one at all. One half our our large basement was dedicated to his American Flyer trains. I think the pictures that follow will make that point. And they weren't toys, I was not allowed to play with them at all. In fact, in the tortured relationship I had with my father, I professed to have no interest what so ever in model trains. But Jim somehow was interested in trains and that was how I reconnected with Jim. He had become train buddies with my father. So when my father passed away Jim came to his service. And then I kept in loose touch with him after that. And for detailed purveyors of my blog, you may recall a picture and story about Jim and I having a beer at a local bar earlier this summer when I could still drink a bit. So that is how Jim came to be sitting in my home yesterday and catching up. His father and mine sound like similar people and were a fertile field of conversation for both of us. So we chatted for a little over two hours then I got a little tired and Jim departed. But it was nice to have a friend stop by and break up some of the monotony of being a hermit.

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