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Well that sucks. Updated.

I woke up today at 3am today unable to breathe. I had a horrible coughing fit and then I was gasping for air. This time it lasted about five minutes. I was able to get enough air in to avoid passing out, but it was very uncomfortable for the entire five minutes. This is a new thing for me. I wasn't eating which is what triggered prior episodes of not being able to breathe. I was sleeping so I am guessing I was trying to swallow some of the excess saliva I am victim of these days. So I don't know if I am going to be able to fall asleep again or not.

While I was writing the above it happened again. So I went downstairs and recovered and then read for two hours and it didn't happen again so I am going to attempt to lay down and get some more sleep.

Update. i woke up today at 10:45am today feeling good. I did inject a bottle of Pedialyte at 3am on the theory I was dehydrated. Don't know if that was right but I did sleep fine though with a couple of visits to the bathroom!

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