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Dead man Talking (Updated 6/24/2021) For people new to the blog.

Hi, Russ Newton here. I was diagnosed with Bulbar onset ALS on November 1st, 2019. I retired that day and am sitting here on June 24th, 2021 and I can no longer speak. I have actually increase how much I take by mouth by using a fork to move the food around instead of my tongue which no longer works and is why I can't speak. And my diet is limited to smoothies, Mac and Cheese, Enchiladas, Foie Gras, lamb chops and muscles. I can eat other foods but they are risky and it is painful to me because of how long it takes. No lost of mobility. This is truly amazing to my doctors. And for that I give thanks to God. I am happy now that I got the feeding tube, it has taken much of the pressure off of eating and is god send for when I don't feel like eating the same six things. I just got back from a long car trip which started in Wisconsin, took me to Mechanicsville, MD to see Matt Miller and some old friends from my last hour job at the Army Times. I stayed there for five days, then off to Nashville, TN to see my son and his girlfriend, Julie. Then on to San Antonio to pick up some CBD oil, no THC it helps me sleep. Then on to Phoenix where i spent the night with my sister, Annette. Then on to Southern California to see Chris and Sonia Avetisian. Took a quick trip to San Diego to see Thomas K. Then off to Utah to see Jeff and Melissa Johnson. Then home. Over 6,000 miles. So that is the current state of affairs for me. I have a few visitors coming to see me but will post about those people when they actually get here.


This is the ALS diet in action a svelte 215lbs!

This is me in 2015 at 300lbs. Russ

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