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Scratch that, good news!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I saw my ALS doctor in San Antonio today. And I was apparently able to impress on her and her associate how badly I needed relief from excess drooling. I said to both doctors that I was considering suicide if this didn't get taken care of.. So then I had to answer a lot of questions about self harm and why was I thinking of it.. I said I have a 100% fatal illness and I was tracking the joy component in my daily life and constantly drooling took me to zero. If they could fix it, it would get my Joy back to 50%. I was asked what would get it to 100%? I said restore talking and eating.! For a minute they were talking about involuntary commitment. I talked them down from that and said if you want me to not kill myself get me this procedure. That is what I need most right now. I am only suicidal because I have a rag in my mouth. So the lead doctor agreed and dropped involuntary commitment as an item and went to see how quickly I could be gotten in.

Update. Again we had to play around with nurses that can't read. They called me to set up an appointment. But I recorded a message on an old cell phone and called back and left a message that I was still mute so calling isn't a good option. Then I asked a friend to call them and suggest they use my chart. It worked, I am now going in this Thursday in 48 hours to have this procedure and hopefully put an end to this faucet in my mouth.

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