• Russ Newton

Positive Update!

Well, I think I have some great news to report. If you recall, on December 10th I reported that fasciculations were very active in my left arm and bummed me out bad. But what I didn't report at that time I was four days "late" starting my Radakava treatment. I will explain. So I take this drug called Radakava ten times in a 14 day cycle, then I am off it for 14 more days. Then I start it over. So on December 10th, I started a cycle on the fifth day of the 14 day cycle I was in. I was on schedule as far as my doctors were concerned and I delayed because I was on a road trip with my son. So I started up when I got home and after three treatments I noticed the fasciculations were almost gone on my left arm. But I waited until the next cycle as I don't know how long it should stop to be considered good news. I just finished my ninth cycle today and I don't really know how good of news it is, but I can report as of today, no fasciculations are apparent in my left arm and it has been a month since they stopped. So I think it is good news. I will tell my doctor about it but I am convinced the Radakava is definitely extending my life. Yay!

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