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Need vs. have.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

First the back story. So as you know if you have been reading my blog I have fallen four times, the last time took me to the emergency room. And the last time I was at my ALS doctor I arranged for a wheel chair fitting. I had to cancel it because I was going to go to my home in Texas but that got shot down with my fall. Well the next appointment I could get was April 14th! I hope I am still able to walk and drive then but smart money says no way. So somewhat desperate I reached out to The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter and sent an email to Kristy Sharp the Care Services Coordinator-Madison Area that I had met with on my last three or four visits to the ALS clinic at UW Hospitals. I sent her an email last Wednesday at 5:32pm asking if she could help me move my appointment earlier than the 14th. At 5:35pm this was her response. "Oh Russ- thanks for reaching out. We definitely missed you! I will absolutely advocate on your behalf, but... we can also get you a loaner from the association for the interim. Can you send me your current height, weight and if you're right or left handed?!" My response was "Kristy, Wow! Big points for responsiveness! I am 6'1" and 198lbs. I am right handed and if I wasn't I would be now as my left hand is almost useless!"

So to cut my loquacious story short, the man delivered me a powered wheel chair pictured above just shy of one week after the email and the charge is...…$0! Unbelievable service! The gentleman delivering it when asked guessed it would cost $35,000. I tried to look it up online but could not find it. Unbelievably nice is all I can say!

Now on to my headline. I have said this, I believe, in a couple of responses but it bears repeating here. I do not need a wheelchair now. It is why I have purchased a bed pan for example. ALS is a progressive unrelenting disease. I will need a wheel chair and a bed pan. And with the wheel chair I can go for a nice ride in the neighborhood when it is 65 degrees like it is today! Russ

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