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Level 3 – Hands off, eyes off, awareness for take over, take over request

I didn't know when I purchased my car that the level 3 automation would pay off so well for someone with ALS. I drove 620 miles today and the level 3 was the reason. I know because i had a loaner BMW without that when I took my car in for service. I was pulled over by CHP for almost hitting the car next to me in my blind spot. The cops words, not mine. But he listened to me text out my answers to his questions and it satisfied him, no ticket. But driving that car down to Fresno and back required the most vigilant attention I had. Driving today, the car kept me centered in the lane (with my hands on the wheel and my phone in my bag) and would accelerate and deaccelerate the car when I got too close or too far away from the car. All I had to do was check the mirrors when changing lanes (though the car has automatic collision detection and will swerve back if I do change lanes with a car next to me.) And the thing I was missing on the loaner vehicle was active on my car, I light lights up when a car is in my blind spot and if it is within 25 feet of the car in the lane. So with that, I can drive quite comfortably and avoid all issues on the road. So as long as I am able to drive, I will only drive this car for safety reasons.

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