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I couldn't breathe again last night at Matt's house.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

My son purchased a lovey Cheese Manicotti for me to eat last night. And I ended up about halfway through it with my fifth episode of not being able to breathe. It passed after a minute but I have only one conclusion. I have been pushing the boundaries of eating with ALS. By using a fork I have been able to extend by a great deal the amount of time I was able to eat by mouth. But I think this is the end of that. I will have to go on a 100% stomach tube diet from here on out. That is the only solution I see now. Bummer but better than not breathing. And travel update, didn't hear back from Jeff Johnson or my friend in Nashville so I drove 540 miles today and am a little more than halfway to my house in San Antonio. I will spend tomorrow night there and also pick up some CBD oil which helps me sleep. I am staying in Mount Pleasant, Texas and about 420 miles from my home. The first two hotels I put in GPS were not there, I found the one I am staying at and they don't have the ability to take a credit card but it was only $57 so I guess I am okay.


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