• Russ Newton

Home at Last!

Made back to home after 18 days on the road and over 6,000 miles of driving! I don't know if this is my last trip or not but that isn't too bad for a guy with ALS. To review, I went from Madison to Mechanicsville, MD to see Matt Miller. Then on to Nashville, TN to see my son Matt Newton. Then from there to spend a night at my house in San Antonio. Then on to Phoenix, AZ to see my sister Annette Newton and then to Laguna Nigel, CA to see the Avetisian's. Then on to Salt Lake City to see the Johnsons then on to home. I had a good time and it feels good to be home. Russ

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Guest Post Chip Crozier

Russ, you are to be commended and are truly an inspiration in every sense of the word. I have never known anyone else who has tried so hard and so successfully to make the best of an absolutely mis