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Felt really good today, drove hard.

And made it to Grand Island, Nebraska. 794 miles from 8am to 6pm. Took be over half way home only leaving 550 miles to get to my home in Verona, Wisconsin. Should make it in by 3pm tomorrow. An that is good as I run out of a key medication I take that is pro longing my life tomorrow evening. (I lost two pills down the sink is why I will run out). And I will be glad to get home. This has been a fun but exhausting trip. Started in Wisconsin and drove to Maryland. Then I drove to Nashville, then to my house in San Antonio. Then out to Laguna Nigel in California, then up to Salt Lake City then headed back to Wisconsin. Long road but got to see some great friends I missed the first time around due to Covid 19 and got to see my son as well. So all in all, a good trip.

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Scott Roop
Scott Roop
Jun 15, 2021

Well I'm sure you are on the road again this morning, it's great you are able to tackle all that driving, I sure wouldn't want to try it. Thanks for all the pictures, you look fabulous, one of my doctors recently told me due to the way Insurance companies have changed our health care plans as well as our doctor groups that I needed to learn how to be my own Health Advocate. Appears you have mastered being your own Advocate, that certainly fits your style and personality and I believe you will extend way beyond the doctors expectation, if you were my son I would be extremely proud of you and your accomplishments and I value your friendship and…

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