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Well ALS has really got its hooks into me now. Last night I had a dream about it. My dream started with me in bed with my ex-wife Sue. I woke up and I was missing one and a half fingers. They were laying next to me on the bed. When I tried to pick them up, my hands would not work. I held my hands up and looked at them. I tried to wiggle my fingers but I couldn't. They were stiff and it was like I was suffering muscles cramping. In dream logic, I wasn't upset and told Sue it was just ALS progressing. She said, will you be able to drive back to Wisconsin? I said I think so. Then I woke up. Oddly enough it wasn't terrifying, more of a matter of fact, oh well, something I have to deal with. Odd dream to say the least.


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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
Dec 21, 2020


Thank you for the kind comments. Don't know if it is courage or just acceptance of my fate, but I prefer Courage!



Dec 21, 2020

You're an amazing individual. Admiration for your courage sounds like barely enough. God Bless YOU. Mary-Ann

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