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Dead man Talking (Updated 01/09/2022)

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Hi, Russ Newton here. I was diagnosed with Bulbar onset ALS on November 1st, 2019. I retired that day and am sitting here on January 9th, 2022 unable to speak a word or take any nourishment by mouth. Zero, Nada nothing. No liquids no solids nothing. Secondary symptoms are advancing. I have difficulty breathing well and have started with a left foot drop and now I am having balance issues, I lost it and fell several times before I learned how to avoid it, for now. I have to laugh at my last post on this subject. I will paraphrase one sentence that made me laugh. My doctors are not amazed at my progression, it is a textbook case of Bulbar Onset ALS.

I did go on a lengthy Motorcycle trip to Key West with an old friend, Mark Dtayo. We did go to the Super bowl, I was half right, Kansas made it but the Packers got whipped in the NFC Title game by the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the 49ers 31-20.


Figured out how to post this picture right side up but couldn't fix it in the post so put it here.

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