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Can't sleep so I will post a little story about over the top medical costs.

So I started physical therapy in my home about ten days before i went to Texas for a month. I started this because the nurse that access's my port mentioned they offered in home PT. So I said sure, I would try it. A nurse would stop by and take me through about a 45 minute session of PT. I wondered why but I didn't ask anything about it. They came four or five times. They "trained" me so I could do it every day while I was in Texas. I thought I was done with in home visits to assist me with PT. Then fast forward to about a week ago. The supervisor scheduled a meeting with me to access my needs for an in home nurse to continue to visit me. During the conversation I asked the following question. "Isn't ALS a progressive and unrelenting disease? What good does PT do with ALS? Does it reverse any effect? I wouldn't think so." She replied I didn't have to do PT if I didn't want to. I said I would be happy to do it I just wanted to know if it would do any good. She wouldn't say it but at the end of the meeting it was decided I didn't need to have a nurse come over to show me how to do PT. What is your conclusion? Mine was I just saved the insurance company a nice sum of money for a service that is questionable to say the least.

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