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Big Bend, Again.

Updated: Jan 7

My best friend in life is coming to San Antonio on the 7th of January for a last trip (for me) to Big Bend National Park. Jim Pagel and his son, Jackson Pagel are flying in to take in the park one more time with me. It should be a gas, I am so excited by this trip. So here is a photo montage of Jim and I over the years.

Jim Pagel and his famous Smirk.

Oldest picture I have. I am number 47 and Jim is in there somewhere.

This is Jim and I in Orlando Florida about 1995.

This is Jackson on a visit to Glendale, California in 2006.

Jim and his wife Susan on the same trip in 2006 to our home in Glendale.

This is Jim (famous smirk) with Emmett AKA Jay Moran at Jenna's right of the square in Madison 2016.

Jackson with a brew for his dad, I hope, in 2008 at the Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Jim with that famous Smirk going!

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