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Bad Fall last night. Update.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Went the emergency room tonight. Fell down getting into the uber but not because of ALS but because it is icy out. ALS stopped me from getting up but the Uber driver was very helpful. The pain did not abate after the latest Advil so I decided to get it checked out. Now the pain is manageable but I am here ao will see it out.

Back to the dreary posts about ALS.

Around 9pm last night I got up from the sofa to go to the kitchen to get some fuel for the body. I turned and caught my right foot under the Laz Boy and crossed my left foot under and tripped and fell into a column in my house hard. Very hard. My full body weight hit the support wall with my left side above the waist hitting first. I landed on the ground stunned and just laid there for a minute waiting to see what hurt. I tried to get up but the pain was so bad on my left side I just laid there and thought. Of course my cell phone was on the coffee table behind me out of reach. I thought of crawling over there and dialing 911 but then just decided to lay there for as long as it took to feel good enough to get up. After about five minutes I was able to get up on my hands and knees and crawled over to the sofa and pulled myself up on the coffee table and accessed myself. I thought I may have bruised or damaged a kidney so I very carefully walked over the bath room to urinate and I did not pass any blood. I looked in the mirror and no mark was on my body, no bruising or trauma. I then texted two friends who are nurses and described what had happen. Decided to take 800mgs of Night Time Advil and after sleeping through the night access myself in the morning.

This morning I was still in a great deal of pain when I moved. But no mark or bruise and no blood in Urine. So I took 800mgs of regular Advil and am trying to decide if there is any point in going to the doctor. I am thinking now, no point. I think Advil and rest is the ticket and not sure what else they would tell me or offer other than strong meds. If I pulled a muscle (Which is what this feels like) how do you put a wrap or sling on a side?.

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