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Annette Craig - Guest Post

Russ & I have had a complicated relationship. We grew up in a very divisive home & each chose different ways of dealing with it. As result we frequently did not see eye to eye & with both of us being strong willed individuals . . . well I will leave it at that & let you fill in the blanks! LOL The one good thing to come from Russ's ALS is it has gotten us to look past those petty differences and come together as brother & sister again. FYI, I laugh at his jokes that our renewed relationship is because he can no longer speak, but it just isn't true. The one bad thing about the renewed relationship is that when he does die, it will hurt in a way it wouldn't have before. Having said that, I will take the added pain in exchange for this time of fellowship that we are now sharing. I also believe our mom is in heaven smiling down at us very pleased with this reunion. Russ, I am going to miss you. I wish you had never gotten this horrible illness. I would even give up our new found friendship if it meant you got to live the long full life you deserve. May God make your passage into heaven peaceful & painless.

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