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35 days clear, New additions and Tim Storey.

Russ's from Scratch Pizza

So Tim Storey stopped by and the plan was to go on a drive. But first he decided to fix the flag mount on the front porch that had pulled out during a bad wind storm. He spent over an hour going back and forth from the garage to the porch getting tools and various parts he needed to anchor it for good. Then after that, he took the time to gather up all the cardboard, and break it down and take it to his truck, Then he gathered up all the Styrofoam and took that out to his truck. Then he helped anchor the Solar Tiki Lights I got for the front yard. ( I will put a picture up at night when they are lit up) And moved all the signs to make a little more room for the two new additions to the menagerie. And all he got in exchange was a lousy pizza. I clearly got the best of this deal.

And I am in day 35 of avoiding another not being able to breath. Credit goes to the doctor that advised me on several over the counter medications that are helping., But I cant claim to have defeated this either, I have gone longer than this in the past. So just one day at a time. Big foot is now around the left side of the steps facing the house but tucked in behind the the bush and difficult to see. .

Front year Menagerie. If you blow the photo up you can see the torches.

New addition, Lizard on full display

New addition, Skunk

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